Cabretta Gloves

Cabretta Gloves


Golf gloves are a universal presence in the game of golf. It will be used to give the proper grip and better performance when playing golf. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, gloves are the most essential item that you should own. Thus, our company is provided a wide variety of gloves, including Cabretta gloves. We make a specific design, model, and size to meet our customer needs.

What are Cabretta Gloves?

Cabretta is one of the leather that is used for gloves made from sheep hair but not wool fur. It is also made from skins of similar hairy sheep in several countries. The name originated from the Spanish and Portuguese word for goat (Cabra). Actually the term of this glove is used for sheep leather, Cabretta is processed hairless as smooth leather. It is chromed-tanned, fine-grained, and as soft as leather from young goats.

The Uses of Cabretta Gloves

Most of the problems of any golfer are how to respond to humidity and sweat. For these reasons, Cabretta gloves come to answer this problem. This glove performs well in any situation, including sweat and humidity factors. Cabretta has a vestibule for how much moisture it will wick away and how quickly it can dry.

Once Cabretta gloves get saturated with moisture, it becomes a slimy mess that slips around in your hand. Then, once it dries, these hand gloves become a breakable rock-hard substance. Thus, there is additional material to provide extra comfort for this glove. One additional material is synthetic constituents to provide nice extra grip adhesion, and neuro grip to make a cooler and dryer feel when it is used.

We are the top manufacturers and suppliers that provide superior quality golf gloves. We never stop researching to find a new way to make an excellent product. We always follow the trend, including the materials, design, and multi-compound materials. Thus, we introduce the best quality Cabretta glove to meet our customer needs.

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